Soap for Society




Soap For Society believes everyone deserves to feel clean and have dignity through sanitary and beauty products

My name's Lucy and I'm a blogger and policy advisor from Wellington. I've teamed up with La Chapardeuse illustrator Maureen and Wellington City Mission (Plus Auckland City Mission and Christchurch City Mission) to raise awareness among people like me of hygiene poverty.

Whether it is a teenager who can't afford sanitary products because she has to buy food for her siblings or whether it is someone who needs to buy a new razor for a job interview, but can't buy one as it means giving up money for the bus to get there, thousands of Kiwis are affected by hygiene poverty each year.

As a blogger, I am constantly sent new PR samples to trial. This is crazy when so many people don't have enough soap, deodorant or shampoo to feel like they can be clean and accepted by society. This, along with seeing the success of Beauty Banks in the UK, got me thinking that there was something to be done. So, we created Soap For Society! 

Soap For Society collects specifically for charities to help them help New Zealanders, starting with Wellington City Mission in 2018. We now have Auckland and Christchurch City Missions on board. Please give generously. Cleanliness is a matter of personal dignity and we think that everyone has a right to feel sanitary, safe and clean.